Crazy Movie Connections: Rambo II & The Karate Kid

Crazy Movie Connections: Rambo II & The Karate Kid

Let me just say that the following theories in this series of articles are entirely my own and, yes, there are some continuity problems with some of them. I'm also ignoring release dates so don't bother pointing that out in the comments either. These are just fun and may just change the way you watch these particular films.

THEORY #1 Why the Cobra Kai sensei is such a jerk

Connecting Movies: Rambo II & The Karate Kid

Connecting actor: Martin Kove


Theory: Let me start with the theory I talk about in my bio. In Rambo II, we first meet Kove's character Ericson who plays part of the government operation looking for POWs left over from the Vietnam war. 


As we later find out, it was (SPOILER ALERT) a ruse and that Rambo was never meant to actually rescue the POWs. Nonetheless being Rambo, he survives and makes it back, hitting Ericson with the butt of his gun as a reply to Ericson's "Glad you made it!"

So how does this tie into The Karate Kid? I'm glad you asked. When Daniel and Mr. Miyagi visit the Cobra Kai dojo to ask them to leave Daniel alone until the tournament...well, I'll just let you watch and see if you can see the connection before I tell you.

Did you see it? If not, let me help you with a still image. 

Yup, there's John Kreese in his military outfit. The man had no problem leaving Rambo, the man who could eat things that would make a billy goat puke, out to die. You think he really cares about the feelings of some scrawny kid from Reseda?

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